Project Virtually-Infused Collaborations for Teaching and Learning Opportunities for Rural Youth

School Leaders: Looking to Enhance STEM Learning on Your Rural Campus?

Project VICTORY is recruiting Texas rural schools to participate in this federal grant. This project focuses on science learning in a 9-week intervention. We will provide an evidence-based, standards-aligned literacy-infused science curriculum, teacher professional development, technology, science mentors, and other benefits for your school.


Project Virtually-Infused Collaborations for Teaching and Learning Opportunities for Rural Youth (VICTORY) will be working with Texas rural districts to enhance STEM learning. We will serve teachers, students, and families by building instructional capacity and improving students’ science and literacy performance via a randomized control trial (RCT) study and determining differences between virtual/online and face-to-face teaching and learning. Project VICTORY will serve approximately 1,500 high-needs students per year, including those who are economically challenged students eligible for free or reduced-price meals and/or English learners. VICTORY is longitudinal, starting in third grade and ending in fifth.

VICTORY has the following goals:

  • support grades 3-5 teachers in building instructional capacity to integrate literacy into science instruction
  • cultivate student interest in STEM, particularly in science
  • reduce disparities between rural and non-rural students
  • examine impact of standards-aligned literacy-infused science lessons (lessons and curriculum materials 
  • compare traditional face-to-face instruction and online instruction
  • determine influence of additional science supports including family involvement in science and science 
utilize technology to bring innovations to high-needs students in rural areas

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Dr. Cindy Guerrero

Dr. Cindy Guerrero

Lead Coordinator