Project Working All Together

This project prepared 250 in-service teachers for Texas Supplemental Certification Exams in Bilingual/ESL Education from all parts of the state through an online distance education course. It involved educating currently practicing teachers to obtain their certification in bilingual/ESL education. Additional purposes included:

  • The creation of collaborative bilingual/ESL academic programs between Texas A&M and school district participants located across the State of Texas that will continue to provide certification opportunities beyond the five-year project period.
  • The delineation of a distance education model for in-service teacher education that is school/community based.
  • The provision of financial and academic support in the form of scholarships for individuals from groups that have not traditionally had opportunities in higher education.
  • The involvement of diversity among the teacher population in the critical areas of bilingual and ESL education.
  • An opportunity to participate in distance graduate level coursework for newly certified bilingual/ESL teachers.

Funding provided by the U.S. Department of Education
Date of award: June 29, 2007
Dates of project: July 2, 2007- July 1, 2012