The purpose of Project English Language and Literacy Acquisition - Validation (ELLA-V, funded by the Investing in Innovation Fund, U.S. Department of Education) is to validate the intervention components of the original Project ELLA (funded by the Institution of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education). It will take place in 75 elementary schools across Texas in grades K-3 to determine the degree of impact that each intervention independently has on ELs' English oral language, reading and/or science. 


  1. To determine (a) the extent to which each of the ELLA intervention components, when implemented independently over 28 weeks, impact K-3 ELs' growth in English language, reading and science; and (b) differences between treatment and control group ELs in the same areas, beginning with grade 3 and working backward each year through kindergarten so as not to contaminate any grade level by teacher or student exposure to any of the intervention components.
  2. To determine the impact of one of the original ELLA intervention components, professional development of teachers, in ELLA-V as was in ELLA, on a bimonthly basis but in an altered condition as virtual professional development.


Year 1-2: Grade 3
Year 2-3: Grade 2
Year 3-4: Grade 1
Year 4-5: Kindergarten


Step 1
  • Select all districts with 6,000+ enrollment
  • Select all schools with 80+ ELs in 2011-2012
Step 2
  • Categorize schools by prior English achievement 
  • Cluster schools in groups of three by district, then by percent SES and percent EL
Step 3
  • Randomly select 25 clusters
  • Randomly assign schools to conditions
Total: 75 schools, 150 classrooms, 3,000 students per year